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The team behind Out of Eden Learn

Last week we organized a “thank you” lunch that brought together various people who have helped to launch Out of Eden Learn. The lunch was the centerpiece of a day-long mini retreat, which involved the core team taking stock of where we have come and where we might be headed with the project (more on […]

The App Generation

This week I want to share some insights I gleaned from Howard Gardner and Katie Davis’ new book The App Generation: How Today’s Youth Navigate Identity, Intimacy, and Imagination in a Digital World. Full disclosure: Howard is our colleague at HGSE and Project Zero and Katie was based at Project Zero until she took up […]

Observing Global Connections

A main theme of our on-line learning community is about exploring global connections, which ties in well with Paul’s overarching goals for his Out of Eden Walk. As the National Geographic website puts it: “when his seven-year journey ends, Paul will have created a global mosaic of stories, faces, sounds, and landscapes highlighting the pathways […]

Looking Differently at the World: Engaging Younger Learners in the Out of Eden Walk

Tabbatha O’Donnell is a 4th grade teacher at Palm Beach Day Academy in Palm Beach, Florida. I first learned about Paul Salopek and his journey on Project Zero’s website.  I was amazed.  How could someone walk 21,000 miles, for 7 years?  Having the opportunity to visit and learn about so many different cultures and countries […]

Better People?

Cameron Paterson is a history teacher and the Mentor of Learning & Teaching at Shore School in North Sydney, Australia. In July I attended the Project Zero Classroom in Cambridge and I had the pleasure of participating in the ‘Slowing Learning Down’ workshop led by Liz and Carrie in which they shared the Out of […]

Walking to learn and the future of learning

Last week was Project Zero’s enormously generative 5th annual Future of Learning Conference held at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The conference was organized around the following ‘throughlines’: What do we know about globalization, the digital revolution, and mind/brain research and their influence on learning and education? How do we need to rethink the […]

Learning Made Real

Jerome was focused entirely on his camera.  From his run up the hill I could see he was unaware of me as I walked our dog, Luna, at dusk in Pancho Villa State Park.  When I greeted him with a wave and a “Hey, hello!” his intent framing of a picture prevented his hearing.  Before I […]

Lessons from the Project Zero Classroom

Last week was the Project Zero Classroom, our biggest annual institute that brings together educators of all stripes from around the world here to Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was our first major opportunity to share our Out of Eden work in person with practitioners: Carrie James and I ran a mini course and gave an evening […]

Connecting our lives to a bigger human story

As a former history teacher I have an ongoing interest in how young people think about the past. I am particularly interested in understanding how they think about themselves in relation to the past  – and how educators might tap into those ideas to help make history and social studies curricula more engaging and personally […]

This week’s events in Boston

As I write this, Greater Boston, including Cambridge, is in a state of lock-down: it has been quite a shock to learn that the terrorism suspects were local residents. Although events are still unfolding outside, I’ve decided to go ahead and post this piece which was written yesterday. Obviously we hope that everyone remains safe. […]