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Examining Everyday Objects

As Shari Tishman writes in SLOW LOOKING, “sometimes learning involves slowing down. Sometimes all we need is to be given time, along with the simplest set of instructions, in order to look closely at the world around us and see new things.” Our “Examining Everyday Objects” activity or what we call “footstep” tries to give […]

Observing Global Connections

A main theme of our on-line learning community is about exploring global connections, which ties in well with Paul’s overarching goals for his Out of Eden Walk. As the National Geographic website puts it: “when his seven-year journey ends, Paul will have created a global mosaic of stories, faces, sounds, and landscapes highlighting the pathways […]

Photographing Neighborhoods as a Catalyst for Learning

As noted by Shari Tishman in a previous blog post called SLOW LOOKING, we asked students to capture a couple of photographs as they took a walk around their neighborhoods. Here is an excerpt from the instructions we gave them: Paul pays a lot of attention to objects and what they reveal about the people […]