This blog is a vehicle for sharing Project Zero’s exciting collaboration with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek who has embarked on an epic seven-year walk around the world. His incredible Out of Eden Walk is sponsored by National Geographic who are publishing his walk-related dispatches. Starting in the Rift Valley of Ethiopia and ending at Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost tip of South America, Paul’s route retraces the broad migratory pathways of our early human ancestors. As he walks, Paul Salopek uses our deep past as a sounding board for interpreting contemporary issues and assessing where we have come in our unfolding human story. His foot-level reporting or “slow journalism” aims to connect the dots between local stories and serve as a counterpoint to the fast-paced, 24-hour news media to which we have become accustomed.

Here at Project Zero, based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, we are developing an exciting online learning community to engage middle and high school students from around the world in Paul’s walk and all that it represents. Our new customized website is open to all schools and students, free of charge. Our activities invite students to replicate Paul’s walk within their own neighborhoods, investigate contemporary global issues, reflect on how they as individuals fit into the unfolding story of human history, and consider big questions about the nature of learning today. Students get to share their perspectives and interact with one another. We hope to ignite students’ interest in the wider world and support them to become more informed, thoughtful, and engaged “global citizens.”

The Abundance Foundation generously supports Project Zero’s collaboration with Paul Salopek.


  1. Faridah · · Reply

    This is fabulous! I am working with a small pk-8 school in Baltimore, MD. We are interested in using this program with our 6-8 grade students. How can I be advised of when this program becomes available to all?

  2. Hi – thanks for your comment and your interest. The best way is to sign up for this blog so you will get regular updates. You can also email me directly with your contact details so we can email you with news. We are really excited about opening up our program to many other schools and hope you will join us.

  3. yaycool · · Reply

    Interesting project! I would like to follow up on this seemingly fascinating project…if you will.

  4. BEATUS DENNIS · · Reply

    Hi I am working with secondary student in Tanzania, i am very surprised with this program as a Geography teacher i have introduced it to my student they shown their interest to know more about the real world we live.

  5. Hi Liz, the schools in the Vermont Rural Partnership http://www.vermontruralparnership.org are interested in joining when this project opens up. We focus on local places based work but also want to make global connections for our students. Thanks! Margaret

  6. Hi! This is exactly what I was looking for! I attended the summer session Project Zero and heard of the Out of Eden Walk. I have introduced it to my students here in Illinois and we are very excited to participate! Please keep us updated!

  7. Christine O'Neill · · Reply

    I am a mature student of Applied Psychology in the Institute of Art Design and Technology (iadt) in Ireland. I am wondering if I can sign up to follow this amazing journey. For my final year thesis I am research Nature Relatedness as I have a great interest in nature, the environment, horticultural therapy. I stumbled on this great journey through Project Zero as I am researching Multiple Intelligence and Howard Gardner. Can I sign up? Thank you. Christine O’Neill

  8. aardrijkskunde0402 · · Reply

    Hello my name is aardrijkskunde0402.
    I am 13 years old. I like hockey and tennis and acting. I like very much what Paul is doing. I love travels and I want to more see of the world. I love America so much their most he go to ! That country is so amazing. His trip is very hard but he wants to see the world. It’s looks my amazing ! More see of the world! But 7 years is long. You see than seven years no family ad friends. But he wants it and that is very special. I wish hem very much Lucky. An I hope for Paul that he much see of the world.

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