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Navigating a Culturally Complex World: An Introduction to the Three O’s Framework

This piece was co-authored by Liz Dawes Duraisingh, Sheya, and Nir Aish from the Out of Eden Learn team. Overgeneralization. Overconfidence. Othering. These three overlapping behaviors make up the Three O’s. Overgeneralization: making comments about whole groups of people as if everyone’s experience or perspective were the same. Overconfidence: overestimating how much one knows or […]

Elevating Youth Voice: the Power of Participatory Design

Every summer for the past 23 years, Project Zero has hosted an annual institute on teaching and learning known as the Project Zero Classroom at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The institute is a convening of educators, administrators, and professionals from the non-profit and technology sectors from around the world. Throughout the week, participants […]