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Exploring 6 Powerful Teacher Moves for Enhancing Dialogue in Digital Exchange Programs on Out of Eden Learn and Beyond

Even with the Dialogue Toolkit as a resource, without teacher support, many students may still rely primarily on “liking” an online post or providing quick comments that do not move the conversation forward. The following strategies for enhancing student dialogue, using and extending the Dialogue Toolkit, emerged from a series of interviews with educators. In these teacher’s classrooms, we observed students using the Dialogue Toolkit effectively and seeing the value of using the Toolkit’s moves to support thoughtful dialogue.

Navigating a Culturally Complex World: An Introduction to the Three O’s Framework

This piece was co-authored by Liz Dawes Duraisingh, Sheya, and Nir Aish from the Out of Eden Learn team. Overgeneralization. Overconfidence. Othering. These three overlapping behaviors make up the Three O’s. Overgeneralization: making comments about whole groups of people as if everyone’s experience or perspective were the same. Overconfidence: overestimating how much one knows or […]

Exploring the Connection Between Ecosystem Changes and Human Health: A New Video About Out of Eden Learn’s Planetary Health Learning Journey

This post is authored by Devon Wilson and Shari Tishman. Devon Wilson is a research assistant at Project Zero, where he works on the Out of Eden Learn project and the ID Global project. Shari Tishman is a co-director of Out of Eden Learn. Out of Eden Learn is excited to share a short new […]

A word cloud of the countries where students participate in Out of Eden Learn from, excluding the United States.

Slow Looking Through a Big Data Lens

Kate Tanha is a student at Minerva Schools majoring in Computer Science, with an interest in politics and psychology. The data shared in the post below is a result of analyses conducted by Kate using Wolfram, an application for computational programming. In the summer of 2019, I spent four weeks at Project Zero working with […]

Uncovering the Big Idea of Planetary Health

Out of Eden Learn and the Planetary Health Alliance have partnered to develop the Introduction to Planetary Health learning journey—a new special curriculum on the Out of Eden Learn platform.  The purpose of the learning journey is to introduce young people to the complex subject of planetary health and help them uncover connections between planetary […]

New Dialogue Moves in Action: How Out of Eden Learn students use POV, Challenge, and Name tools

This post was co-authored by Susie Blair and Carrie James. We recently announced the expansion of Out of Eden Learn’s online Dialogue Toolkit to include three new dialogue tools: POV, Challenge, and Name. The impetus behind these new tools is to support students to practice dialogue strategies that can deepen their conversations and, in turn, […]

Enriching Dialogue on OOEL: New Moves for our Dialogue Toolkit

We first launched Out of Eden Learn’s Dialogue Toolkit in 2014 with the hope of deepening students’ conversations on the OOEL platform. Co-designed with Youth Voices co-founder Chris Sloan and built on PZ visible thinking routines, the toolkit is a set of tools or “moves” that we ask Out of Eden Learn (OOEL) students to […]

Out of Eden Learn pilots a new learning journey on Planetary Health

Have you ever stopped to consider the connections between large scale changes in the environment and your own health and wellbeing? It’s a daunting challenge, but it’s exactly what a group of fifth and sixth graders did this year when they helped pilot test an Introduction to Planetary Health, a new Out of Eden Learn […]

Research to design and back again Part 2: Iterating on our Stories of Human Migration curriculum

This piece stems from research carried out by Liz Dawes Duraisingh, Emi Kane, and Sarah Sheya, with contributions from the rest of the Out of Eden Learn team. In a recent post we outlined how we have developed a framework for engaging young people around the topic of human migration, as informed by our design-based […]

Research to design and back again Part 1: Iterating on our pedagogic framework for changing the conversation about migration

This piece stems from research carried out by Liz Dawes Duraisingh, Emi Kane, and Sarah Sheya, with contributions from the rest of the Out of Eden Learn team. All graphics are by Sarah Sheya. As we explained in a recent blog post, the research agenda of Out of Eden Learn is intimately connected to the […]