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Gazing outward, looking inward

With every dispatch  from the field, Paul delivers a delight for our senses… we are navigating picturesque landscapes, challenges of terrain, and unknown encounters. Paul is literally opening up the world to us through his journey of 22,000 miles and his retracing of over 60,000 years of human history in what he has described as […]

Reflecting and Connecting: Out of Eden Learn and The Good Project

“Resolve to reflect.” On New Year’s Day 2014, I tweeted these words along with a link to a thoughtful article by civic entrepreneur Eric Liu about meaningful questions worth reflecting on in the New Year and beyond. Liu worked with Lynn Barendsen and Howard Gardner of Project Zero’s Good Project to craft a set of […]

Finding our place in the world

Veronica Boix Mansilla is a Principal Investigator at Project Zero where she also chairs the Future of Learning institute. Her research group examines quality approaches to educating for global competence in and across the disciplines in multiple  education contexts. I was excited to receive an invitation from my colleagues to blog for Out of Eden Learn […]

A Space for Dialogue

Upon logging in to Out of Eden Learn, students are greeted by a Google image of the earth. Red pins point to the locations of schools in a walking party; yellow markers indicate where Paul Salopek has been in his journey. The map neatly illustrates our co-existence, and the distances that can be bridged by […]

Youth Participatory Action Research: Lessons For Out of Eden Learn?

I teach a course called Introduction to Qualitative Research here at the Harvard Ed School. It is a fun course to teach: it is designed to offer students a sense of the terrain of qualitative research – which, broadly speaking, is research that seeks to understand how people experience or make sense of the world. […]

What’s unique about Out of Eden Learn?

This week more “walking parties” will begin their learning journeys on our new Out of Eden Learn platform. As I described in the previous post (WHAT’S NEW ABOUT OUR NEW PLATFORM?) we have spent a great deal of time working with our web developers to design a system that is uniquely tailored to the needs […]

What’s new about our new platform?

The pace of blog posts has dropped off a little in recent weeks, in part because of the pressures of getting our new website up and running. We are excited that this coming Monday, the first “walking party” will set off on a “learning journey” on our new Out of Eden Learn website. [For an […]

Our new platform is on its way

Things are going to be moving quickly over the coming days as we count down towards the launch of our beautiful new learning platform. We have been working with an amazing team of web designers and believe that users will be suitably impressed by the end result. Here are some important announcements: A NEW NAME. […]

Observing Global Connections

A main theme of our on-line learning community is about exploring global connections, which ties in well with Paul’s overarching goals for his Out of Eden Walk. As the National Geographic website puts it: “when his seven-year journey ends, Paul will have created a global mosaic of stories, faces, sounds, and landscapes highlighting the pathways […]

Looking differently at the world: what older students can gain

(Until recently I was the Head of Social Studies at Crofton House School in Vancouver, Canada. This fall I take up the position of Assistant Principal at Bodwell High School, also in Vancouver.  In this second of two blog posts, I reflect on what I and my 11th grade students gained from participating in the Out […]