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Better People?

Cameron Paterson is a history teacher and the Mentor of Learning & Teaching at Shore School in North Sydney, Australia. In July I attended the Project Zero Classroom in Cambridge and I had the pleasure of participating in the ‘Slowing Learning Down’ workshop led by Liz and Carrie in which they shared the Out of […]

Walking to learn and the future of learning

Last week was Project Zero’s enormously generative 5th annual Future of Learning Conference held at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The conference was organized around the following ‘throughlines’: What do we know about globalization, the digital revolution, and mind/brain research and their influence on learning and education? How do we need to rethink the […]

Learning Made Real

Jerome was focused entirely on his camera.  From his run up the hill I could see he was unaware of me as I walked our dog, Luna, at dusk in Pancho Villa State Park.  When I greeted him with a wave and a “Hey, hello!” his intent framing of a picture prevented his hearing.  Before I […]

Everybody has a story

Until recently I was the Head of Social Studies at Crofton House School in Vancouver, Canada. This fall I take up the position of Assistant Principal at Bodwell High School, also in Vancouver. In the first of two blog posts, I reflect on what I and my 11th grade students gained from participating in the […]

Stories We Inherit, Stories We Create

Stories can galvanize and inspire, soothe and amuse, root us in memories, and create bonds. Some stories we carry with us from lively conversations around campfires or cafeteria tables; some have their genesis in generations past, and are given to us by our families and communities.  But how do our individual stories relate to the […]

Fellow Travelers on Life’s Journey

One feature of our learning community is that it brings together young people from around the world to consider issues that are relevant to all humanity. Although we have a range of ages represented in our pilot study, the majority of participants are in their mid to late teens: an age when young people are […]

“The River of Culture”

We asked students in their first Edmodo post to indicate what they found most interesting or exciting about Paul’s walk and this project. We gave examples of their comments in this post: STUDENTS’ HOPES FOR PAUL’S WALK. Dami Seung, a master’s student in the Arts in Education program here at the Harvard Graduate School of […]

A Caravan of Walkers

In the first post of this blog I briefly explained how our learning community works: students post their responses to a weekly prompt for everyone in the community to see. They also go back and look at other students’ responses for the previous week(s) and leave comments or questions for one another. Although we originally […]

Learning with the World

Rather than just being places where students learn about the world, schools are now places where students can learn with the world. I teach History in Sydney, Australia and I have been involved in various global teaching projects over the past four years: Skyping with overseas experts, connecting my students with Turkish students to discuss […]

Students’ hopes for Paul’s walk

Here is Paul’s eloquent message to participating students: Welcome, my fellow travelers in the Project Zero program. I’m excited to share my long, slow journey with you as I trek through the deserts, cities, mountains, villages, farms and industrial zones that today dot our ancestors’ ancient migration pathways across the globe. Using history and science–and […]