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What does a seven-year journey around the world have to do with kindergarten students in São Paulo?

Juliana Reydon, Paula Mello and Maria Fabiana Grasso work in the Pre-Preparatory School at St. Paul’s School in São Paulo, Brazil. Their students participated in Out of Eden Learn this year. A man is travelling. He is following the footsteps of humankind around the world on a seven-year walking journey. What does that have to […]

Launching Core Learning Journey 2: The Past and the Global

We’re excited to be launching new walking parties of students who are carrying on their learning in Out of Eden Learn by engaging in Core Learning Journey 2: The Past and the Global. In this blog I’d like to share with you some of the thinking behind our latest curriculum design. Veterans of our learning […]

The Out of Eden Learn relaunch: Timeline for the coming days

This is not so much a considered blog post as an update of what is going on and a breakdown of how our new launch process is going to work. I know that many of you are eager and ready to set off on a new learning journey with Out of Eden Learn – and […]

Introducing our New Learning Journey for September, 2014

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve been reviewing our curriculum design over the past few months. When I wrote that post, we were in the process of weighing up different options with regards to the overall structure, focus, and length of our learning journey. Based on the feedback we received, we’ve decided to […]

Out of Eden Learn Version 2

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are taking advantage of the relative lull in activity on Out of Eden Learn to contemplate how we might develop and improve our materials and website moving forward. Having clarified our learning goals, we are now reviewing our materials or “footsteps”, as well as the overall structure […]

Histories from Memphis

Our home organization, Project Zero, recently held a very successful conference in Memphis, Tennessee – organized in collaboration with the Center for the Advancement and Study of International Education (CASIE). There was a tremendously positive atmosphere during the three days of the conference and we really enjoyed it. Carrie James and I ran three two-hour […]

Making tweaks and changes: Tailoring the Out of Eden Learn experience for educators of younger students

In the last post I outlined some of the ways in which we hope to build teacher community around the walk. That post did not exactly generate a flood of debate and discussion – however, it is fair to say that there is a palpable excitement amongst our latest cohort of educators. We are particularly […]

What’s unique about Out of Eden Learn?

This week more “walking parties” will begin their learning journeys on our new Out of Eden Learn platform. As I described in the previous post (WHAT’S NEW ABOUT OUR NEW PLATFORM?) we have spent a great deal of time working with our web developers to design a system that is uniquely tailored to the needs […]

What’s new about our new platform?

The pace of blog posts has dropped off a little in recent weeks, in part because of the pressures of getting our new website up and running. We are excited that this coming Monday, the first “walking party” will set off on a “learning journey” on our new Out of Eden Learn website. [For an […]

Tapping into the knowledge and perspectives of neighbors

As you may recall, as part of our project we asked students to create maps of their neighborhoods and to take a walk with the aim of looking at their surroundings with fresh eyes (see blog entries PHOTOGRAPHING NEIGHBORHOODS AS A CATALYST FOR LEARNING, SLOW LOOKING, and MAPPING NEIGHBORHOODS).  As a follow up activity, and […]