This is a picture of a student sitting in a tree.

This January, nineteen students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education spent two weeks immersed in an intensive course on slow looking. The class was taught by OOEL co-director Shari Tishman. Linked in spirit to Out of Eden Learn’s theme of slowing down to observe the world closely, the purpose of the course was to help […]

Charlotte Leech, writer of this piece, co-founded Loka together with Sanat Kumar. Paul Salopek visited Loka on his walk across Northern India, and later met up with the Out of Eden Learn research team there. Once upon a time there was a Small School with Big Dreams called Loka. It was tucked away along the […]

Mike McPharlin is a 5th grade teacher at the Francis Parker School in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and a longtime member of the Out of Eden Learn Community. Spending the second semester doing a deep dive into Planetary Health opened my students’ eyes to the role of choice and its impact on the interdependence of environmental […]

A word cloud of the countries where students participate in Out of Eden Learn from, excluding the United States.

Kate Tanha is a student at Minerva Schools majoring in Computer Science, with an interest in politics and psychology. The data shared in the post below is a result of analyses conducted by Kate using Wolfram, an application for computational programming. In the summer of 2019, I spent four weeks at Project Zero working with […]

Out of Eden Learn (OOEL) is honored to announce a gift from Qatar Foundation International (QFI). QFI shares with OOEL a commitment to supporting students and educators in developing more nuanced understandings of culture, with a special focus on cultures in the Arab world.  We invite readers to explore QFI’s active blog through which they […]

Out of Eden Learn and the Planetary Health Alliance have partnered to develop the Introduction to Planetary Health learning journey—a new special curriculum on the Out of Eden Learn platform.  The purpose of the learning journey is to introduce young people to the complex subject of planetary health and help them uncover connections between planetary […]

This post was co-authored by Susie Blair and Carrie James. We recently announced the expansion of Out of Eden Learn’s online Dialogue Toolkit to include three new dialogue tools: POV, Challenge, and Name. The impetus behind these new tools is to support students to practice dialogue strategies that can deepen their conversations and, in turn, […]

We first launched Out of Eden Learn’s Dialogue Toolkit in 2014 with the hope of deepening students’ conversations on the OOEL platform. Co-designed with Youth Voices co-founder Chris Sloan and built on PZ visible thinking routines, the toolkit is a set of tools or “moves” that we ask Out of Eden Learn (OOEL) students to […]

Every summer for the past 23 years, Project Zero has hosted an annual institute on teaching and learning known as the Project Zero Classroom at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The institute is a convening of educators, administrators, and professionals from the non-profit and technology sectors from around the world. Throughout the week, participants […]

In the summer of 2018, after graduating from the Arts in Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, I worked as a research assistant on the Out of Eden Learn (OOEL) project. I had the opportunity to look through a lot of student artwork and dialogue on the platform. The delight I felt […]