Announcing a New Partner: QFI

Out of Eden Learn (OOEL) is honored to announce a gift from Qatar Foundation International (QFI).

QFI shares with OOEL a commitment to supporting students and educators in developing more nuanced understandings of culture, with a special focus on cultures in the Arab world.  We invite readers to explore QFI’s active blog through which they showcase the inspiring work they do with students and educators in primary and secondary schools, universities, and nonprofit organizations.

Their gift will support OOEL’s ongoing work to connect young people from different places in the world for meaningful exchange. It is also an opportunity to revisit our partner journalist Paul Salopek’s writings from his journey through the Arab world in the earliest stages of his Out of Eden Walk.  We are hopeful that our collaboration will encourage more students from the Arab world to take part in our learning journeys. QFI’s gift will allow us to build on our newer initiatives, including our new Planetary Health Learning Journey,  expanded dialogue toolkit, and ongoing research on culture, online dialogue, and engaging youth around the topic of migration.

We look forward to the next steps along our journey with our new partners at QFI.

[You can read QFI’s announcement about our partnership on their blog here.]

qfi website


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  1. Terrific to see this. Very pleased—and relieved.

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