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Ready to go…

After a minor delay we are proud to announce that our new platform has now gone live! Please enjoy exploring the site and consider enrolling your class for a learning journey. Feel free to send us any questions at We look forward to connecting with you and your students. More announcements will be coming soon.

Our new platform is on its way

Things are going to be moving quickly over the coming days as we count down towards the launch of our beautiful new learning platform. We have been working with an amazing team of web designers and believe that users will be suitably impressed by the end result. Here are some important announcements: A NEW NAME. […]

Walking to Learn in a Digital Age

What does walking in a digital age look like?  For many of us, at many times, walking in a digital age means walking while looking down, not at our feet but at our iPhones to read the latest email, text message, Facebook notification, or Tweet. If we’re lucky, we manage not to run into a […]

Observing Global Connections

A main theme of our on-line learning community is about exploring global connections, which ties in well with Paul’s overarching goals for his Out of Eden Walk. As the National Geographic website puts it: “when his seven-year journey ends, Paul will have created a global mosaic of stories, faces, sounds, and landscapes highlighting the pathways […]

Fellow Travelers on Life’s Journey

One feature of our learning community is that it brings together young people from around the world to consider issues that are relevant to all humanity. Although we have a range of ages represented in our pilot study, the majority of participants are in their mid to late teens: an age when young people are […]

“The River of Culture”

We asked students in their first Edmodo post to indicate what they found most interesting or exciting about Paul’s walk and this project. We gave examples of their comments in this post: STUDENTS’ HOPES FOR PAUL’S WALK. Dami Seung, a master’s student in the Arts in Education program here at the Harvard Graduate School of […]

The Genesis of Project Zero’s Learning Community for the Out of Eden Walk

People we talk to, including participating teachers and students, usually ask how Project Zero came to be collaborating with Paul Salopek. It is a happy story of converging goals and serendipity. In the spring of 2012 Paul was based at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard on a three-month fellowship to plan the Out […]

Students’ hopes for Paul’s walk

Here is Paul’s eloquent message to participating students: Welcome, my fellow travelers in the Project Zero program. I’m excited to share my long, slow journey with you as I trek through the deserts, cities, mountains, villages, farms and industrial zones that today dot our ancestors’ ancient migration pathways across the globe. Using history and science–and […]

Welcome to Walk to Learn!

Project Zero is a research organization based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Paul Salopek’s Out of Eden Walk to create an online learning community involving students from around the world, free of charge. Please click here to find out more about the background of the project. […]