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During our recent trip to Tbilisi I had time to sit down with Paul and interview him. I want to pick up in this blog post on one particular theme he talked about during our conversation: how the Out of Eden Walk has given his writing a new coherence. I’ll explain what he means by […]

The team behind Out of Eden Learn

Last week we organized a “thank you” lunch that brought together various people who have helped to launch Out of Eden Learn. The lunch was the centerpiece of a day-long mini retreat, which involved the core team taking stock of where we have come and where we might be headed with the project (more on […]

What’s new about our new platform?

The pace of blog posts has dropped off a little in recent weeks, in part because of the pressures of getting our new website up and running. We are excited that this coming Monday, the first “walking party” will set off on a “learning journey” on our new Out of Eden Learn website. [For an […]

Ready to go…

After a minor delay we are proud to announce that our new platform has now gone live! Please enjoy exploring the site and consider enrolling your class for a learning journey. Feel free to send us any questions at We look forward to connecting with you and your students. More announcements will be coming soon.

Our new platform is on its way

Things are going to be moving quickly over the coming days as we count down towards the launch of our beautiful new learning platform. We have been working with an amazing team of web designers and believe that users will be suitably impressed by the end result. Here are some important announcements: A NEW NAME. […]

Walking to Learn in a Digital Age

What does walking in a digital age look like?  For many of us, at many times, walking in a digital age means walking while looking down, not at our feet but at our iPhones to read the latest email, text message, Facebook notification, or Tweet. If we’re lucky, we manage not to run into a […]

Observing Global Connections

A main theme of our on-line learning community is about exploring global connections, which ties in well with Paul’s overarching goals for his Out of Eden Walk. As the National Geographic website puts it: “when his seven-year journey ends, Paul will have created a global mosaic of stories, faces, sounds, and landscapes highlighting the pathways […]