Morgan Nixon, an international ELL educator and student in the Technology in Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is working with the Out of Eden Learn (OOEL) team as a research assistant this semester.

This piece is the third in a series of Learning Landscapes—or weekly distance learning news, strategy, and big-picture updates. Similarly to parts one and two of this series, I have created a slideshow highlighting some key themes I noticed surfacing online this week as educators, administrators, and parents continue to navigate distance learning.  While the conversations I am looking closely at are mostly happening within the United States, emerging themes should be relevant to readers around the world. This week’s ‘winding words’ are: the future of learning, technology: digital divide, technology: new opportunities, and instructional approaches. You might notice that accompanying each of the key themes in this week’s slides are a set of reflection prompts for readers to consider as they explore the featured resources. We invite you to share some of your reflections in the comment section below. I hope you find this week’s online learning landscape helpful.


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