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Introducing our New Learning Journey for September, 2014

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve been reviewing our curriculum design over the past few months. When I wrote that post, we were in the process of weighing up different options with regards to the overall structure, focus, and length of our learning journey. Based on the feedback we received, we’ve decided to […]

Youth Participatory Action Research: Lessons For Out of Eden Learn?

I teach a course called Introduction to Qualitative Research here at the Harvard Ed School. It is a fun course to teach: it is designed to offer students a sense of the terrain of qualitative research – which, broadly speaking, is research that seeks to understand how people experience or make sense of the world. […]

Fellow Travelers on Life’s Journey

One feature of our learning community is that it brings together young people from around the world to consider issues that are relevant to all humanity. Although we have a range of ages represented in our pilot study, the majority of participants are in their mid to late teens: an age when young people are […]

Students’ hopes for Paul’s walk

Here is Paul’s eloquent message to participating students: Welcome, my fellow travelers in the Project Zero program. I’m excited to share my long, slow journey with you as I trek through the deserts, cities, mountains, villages, farms and industrial zones that today dot our ancestors’ ancient migration pathways across the globe. Using history and science–and […]