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Responding to Ferguson

Educators who are in the United States – and many of you who are not – will be well aware of the release of the grand jury’s decision on Monday night to not indict the police officer who killed 18 year old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014. Sadly, the shooting of […]

Building an Out of Eden Learn Educator Community

In December our team held a “mini-retreat” to review how things have been going on Out of Eden Learn thus far and to develop our vision for the coming year. One theme that emerged from our very productive meeting was that we would like to develop more of a sense of educator community on Out […]

Youth Participatory Action Research: Lessons For Out of Eden Learn?

I teach a course called Introduction to Qualitative Research here at the Harvard Ed School. It is a fun course to teach: it is designed to offer students a sense of the terrain of qualitative research – which, broadly speaking, is research that seeks to understand how people experience or make sense of the world. […]