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Learning with and from each other

Last week, Out of Eden Learn team member Shari Tishman facilitated a thought-provoking Google+ Hangout focused on “slow looking”. Shari talked about her own interest in careful observation and Project Zero’s longstanding belief that “one of the best ways to understand the complexity of the world is to take the time to look slowly and […]

Building an Out of Eden Learn Educator Community

In December our team held a “mini-retreat” to review how things have been going on Out of Eden Learn thus far and to develop our vision for the coming year. One theme that emerged from our very productive meeting was that we would like to develop more of a sense of educator community on Out […]

Youth Participatory Action Research: Lessons For Out of Eden Learn?

I teach a course called Introduction to Qualitative Research here at the Harvard Ed School. It is a fun course to teach: it is designed to offer students a sense of the terrain of qualitative research – which, broadly speaking, is research that seeks to understand how people experience or make sense of the world. […]

Paul’s Youngest Travel Companions: Out of Eden Learn in the Preschool Classroom

Deb McLean is an early childhood/special educator in a preschool classroom at the Blanchard Memorial School in Boxborough, Massachusetts. While attending the Project Zero Institute last July, I learned of Paul Salopek’s amazing Out of Eden Journey and Project Zero’s involvement in creating online learning communities for middle and high school students. As Liz Dawes […]

The App Generation

This week I want to share some insights I gleaned from Howard Gardner and Katie Davis’ new book The App Generation: How Today’s Youth Navigate Identity, Intimacy, and Imagination in a Digital World. Full disclosure: Howard is our colleague at HGSE and Project Zero and Katie was based at Project Zero until she took up […]

This week’s events in Boston

As I write this, Greater Boston, including Cambridge, is in a state of lock-down: it has been quite a shock to learn that the terrorism suspects were local residents. Although events are still unfolding outside, I’ve decided to go ahead and post this piece which was written yesterday. Obviously we hope that everyone remains safe. […]