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Digital Citizenship in Out of Eden Learn: Our Community Guidelines

In recent months, the Out of Eden Learn team has been thinking hard about how we can improve our online community – especially our sense of community. In the fall, we unveiled our new dialogue toolkit, which is a set of suggested moves and routines designed to support meaningful dialogue on our platform. In the wake […]

Supporting Dialogue in Out of Eden Learn: Introducing the Dialogue Toolkit

Carrie James is a co-principal investigator of the Out of Eden Learn project, Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education.  Chris Sloan is an English teacher and media adviser at Judge Memorial High School. He has helped to develop since 2005. Chris is a teacher consultant with the National Writing Project and Wasatch Range […]

Reflecting and Connecting: Out of Eden Learn and The Good Project

“Resolve to reflect.” On New Year’s Day 2014, I tweeted these words along with a link to a thoughtful article by civic entrepreneur Eric Liu about meaningful questions worth reflecting on in the New Year and beyond. Liu worked with Lynn Barendsen and Howard Gardner of Project Zero’s Good Project to craft a set of […]

Walking to Learn in a Digital Age

What does walking in a digital age look like?  For many of us, at many times, walking in a digital age means walking while looking down, not at our feet but at our iPhones to read the latest email, text message, Facebook notification, or Tweet. If we’re lucky, we manage not to run into a […]