As I mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve been reviewing our curriculum design over the past few months. When I wrote that post, we were in the process of weighing up different options with regards to the overall structure, focus, and length of our learning journey. Based on the feedback we received, we’ve decided to […]

Yan Yang currently works as a research assistant for Out of Eden Learn. A doctoral candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, she is interested in researching teaching and learning as exploratory experiences in various contexts. She was a preschool teacher in China before studying at HGSE. Walking past Israel and the West Bank […]

Out of Eden Learn team member, Liz Dawes Duraisingh, recently discussed our latest iteration of learning goals for students and educators.  The first goal on the list is: Slow down to observe the world carefully and to listen attentively to others. This theme, of slowing down to look closely at the world  –or “slow looking” – […]

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are taking advantage of the relative lull in activity on Out of Eden Learn to contemplate how we might develop and improve our materials and website moving forward. Having clarified our learning goals, we are now reviewing our materials or “footsteps”, as well as the overall structure […]

Jessica Fei is a member of the Out of Eden Learn team and a doctoral student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she is a Spencer Foundation Early Career Scholar in New Civics. With separate funding from The Germanacos Foundation, Jessica is running a pilot study called Story/Space to complement what we are […]

Vincent Chunhao Qian recently graduated from the Human Development and Psychology master’s program from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. This past semester he has helped Out of Eden Learn with outreach efforts and has attended our weekly team meetings. Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to combine a visit home with a visit […]

Last week, Out of Eden Learn team member Shari Tishman facilitated a thought-provoking Google+ Hangout focused on “slow looking”. Shari talked about her own interest in careful observation and Project Zero’s longstanding belief that “one of the best ways to understand the complexity of the world is to take the time to look slowly and […]

In a recent post I discussed our attempts to refine our curriculum and research agenda for Out of Eden Learn. I particularly focused on the concepts of “slow” and “culture” as two themes that stood out to us from informal interviews with young people and educators, as well as from participant reflections on our website. […]

On Tuesday April 29, participating teachers in Out of Eden Learn enjoyed a Google+ Hangout conversation with Paul. The technology was shaky at times – both for Paul in Israel and two of our teachers joining us from the Northwest Territories of Canada and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, it was a rich conversation. Paul updated […]

Over the past few weeks we have been trying as a team to distill the most powerful and promising aspects of the learning opportunities afforded by Out of Eden Learn and to consider how we might best frame our project moving forward. This discussion is still ongoing and will be informed by further interviews with […]


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